37 living room ideas that will instantly switch-up your style (2022)

The living room is arguably one of the most important spaces in our homes. It’s a place where we relax, catch up with friends, and binge-watch our favourite Netflix shows. So it’s more important than ever that we make it as tranquil as possible, particularly as we’re spending so much time there at the moment.

However, it’s easy to become uninspired and find it cluttered with things that don’t really fit, and you might be thinking about having a refresh to start 2021 off right. We don’t blame you.

Minimalism has slowly been resurfacing for some time now, and there’s no doubt it’s going to carry on for the foreseeable future. Many people are ditching their bright and bold colour palettes in favour of neutral tones and cosy textures that are very Scandi-inspired.

Bold, industrial styles of lighting, as well as abstract art prints are making a resurgence as a replacement for those loud colours that are now missing from our rooms. Also expect textured furnishings and boho cushions to finish. However, we will see a lot of navy and sapphire blues as the year goes on and we head into Winter and seek something more cosy - so don’t throw those old cushions out yet!

All of the above are a byproduct of the Scandi trend ‘hygge’, which is essentially the feeling of being super warm, cosy and content - three things we absolutely want to feel when sitting down at the end of a long day. Another trend that's set to be big this year is Japandi, which mixes together Japanese interior trends ands Scandi - think minimalism, muted colour tones and natural materials.

But of course, that's not the only option, and social media is a hub for gathering ideas and inspiration for your home. Plus, when it comes to interiors and your home, you don't have to always follow trends. It should be as much about creating a home that you love as it is about keeping up with what's 'in fashion' and the styles that everyone else is loving. Take living room ideas from everywhere, and whether that inspiration is old or new, apply the style that you love to your home.


Living room ideas - Create a multifunctional space

If you want to create a space where you can have multiple people over at once, think about clever ways to store stools or extra seats when they're not in use.


Living room ideas - Clash colours and prints

If you want your living room to be playful and fun, you can absolutely do that - don't be afraid to introduce bold colours and prints.


Living room ideas - Choose spot lighting

Shun an overhead light in favour of floor lights, table lamps and fairy lights, to create a relaxing living room vibe.


Living room ideas - Use a mirror to reflect the light

Create the illusion of more space with a large mirror, which can bounce light around and create more space on the eye.


Living room ideas - Give Japandi a go

Wanna give the latest trend a go? Introduce some natural materials like wood, rattan and linen, a neutral colour palette and, of course, some pampas grass.


Living room ideas - Create space behind your sofa

If your open plan living area allows, consider using your sofa to create a 'zone' behind it, where you can display some of your favourite things.


Living room ideas - Mix up the levels

Create various different focal points in your home by mixing up the levels that your eyes look at. This could be as simple as stools at different heights, or contrasting piles of books.


Living room ideas - Commit to one colour

Whether it's a dark blue, a mossy green or a dusky pink, going hard on one colour can result in a seriously cool v


Living room ideas - Choose a tonal colour palette

You'll never feel overwhelmed by your space if you pick a muted colour palette and stick to it. If it starts to feel boring, introduce pops of colour.


Living room ideas - Take the focal point off the TV

Whether you're more into reading or watching things on your laptop, have you ever considered turning attention away from the TV or designing your space in a different way?


Living room ideas - Consider layering your rugs

Real talk: rugs are expensive. Get over this hurdle by layering up your options, so you can experiment with various textures and patterns and experience the best of all worlds.


Living room ideas - Replace a plant with Pampass grass

Pampass grass is having a moment. It really represents the Cali-cool-girl style we're all striving for, and its neutral colour and unique texture means it suits any interior style.


Living room ideas - Opt for wood-tones

Woody tones and textures give that rustic, hand-made feel that is a Scandi culture essential. You'll often find that solid oak furniture lasts a lot longer too, so is a great investment you can count on.



Belgrave sideboard

37 living room ideas that will instantly switch-up your style (2)



This luxe sideboard is a great storage solution, and works perfectly for anyone seeking a Scandi lifestyle with its woody tones and metal finishes.


Living room ideas - Mix up your materials

Don't be afraid to clash a linen with a velvet or a corduroy with a satin cushion: the more layers and textures, the better!



Model 00 Linen Stool - Pumice

37 living room ideas that will instantly switch-up your style (3)


Start with something small:a linen stool next to a deep velvet sofa is the perfect way to get texture clashin'.


Living room ideas - Get a statement reading light

Overhang floor lamps are all over Instagram RN. And is there any wonder? They're sleek, modern, and perfect for cosying up with a book or for a Netflix night.



Sweep Arc Overreach Floor Lamp, Matt Black with Copper

(Video) Living close to nature in self-made yurts | SWR Room Tour

37 living room ideas that will instantly switch-up your style (4)



Like the one you see on your favourite influencer's feed? Now you can grab a slice of it for yourself.


Living room ideas - Try out a feature wall

If you're someone who likes to play it safe with your decor, adding a feature wall allows you to get creative. Paint it a stand-out colour (murky blues are set to be the hue of next year and feel pretty timeless), and fill it with art and memories.


Living room ideas - Create a gallery wall

A gallery wall is not only a statement, but is a quick, purse-friendly way to get your creative cap on and have your photo memories or art prints on display.

See our guide to creating a gallery wall here.

If you've an old fashioned fireplace in your living room that you have no intention of using, upcycle it by filling it with old logs for a warm and cosy effect without the effort (or smell of burning).


Living room ideas - Choose voile curtains

If you want your living space to feel light and airy, opt for voile curtains as they're only semi-opaque, and act more as a privacy barrier than a light blocker. Their sheerness will make the room feel a lot bigger, and less stuffy.



Boucle Stripe Natural Tape Top Single Voile Panel




Inexpensive and super chic, these voile curtains will make you feel like you're waking up in Paris. Watch your back, Emily in Paris.


Living room ideas - Plaster your walls with abstract prints

One-line drawings (inspired by Picasso) are a minimalist love affair, and a staple on every Scandi influencer's Instagram feed. Even if your colour scheme changes, they'll always fit in.

(Video) The Golden Age of Black Heterodoxy | Glenn Loury & John McWhorter | The Glenn Show



Abstract Lines and Shapes No1 Poster

37 living room ideas that will instantly switch-up your style (6)



Incorporating a one-line print into your living room is enough to fool anyone that you're a total art expert.


Living room ideas - Get yourself an accent chair

You've heard of accent nails, now let us introduce: accent chairs. A statement armchair that doesn't match the rest of your sofas adds personality to your room. Try and go for something textured such as wicker, velvet or leather.



Primrose scallop chair

37 living room ideas that will instantly switch-up your style (7)



There's no better place to curl up with your favourite book under a blanket.


Living room ideas - Create your own wall panels

Textured walls, and particularly wall panels, are becoming increasingly popular. While they're only usually found in old houses, people are quickly finding ways to DIY them, because they really do looking amazing.


Living room ideas - Keep it industrial

Scandinavian style incorporates a lot of clean lines, which is often reflected in more industrial styles when it comes to interiors. Steel furniture and exposed brick walls are a sleek and understated way to hop on the trend.



Lomond industrial coffee table

37 living room ideas that will instantly switch-up your style (8)



This coffee table not only looks good and does what it says on the tin, it also has storage space inside the top, so you can keep it mess-free.


Living room ideas - Go out of your comfort zone

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(Video) Metallica - Fuel (Official Music Video)

Think Kim and Kanye's house. Buying into unique, obscurely-shaped pieces of furniture can liven up any neutral space. You can even skip the art on the walls because your sofa just became an exhibition.



Left Hand Facing Chaise End Sofa, Whitewash Boucle

37 living room ideas that will instantly switch-up your style (9)



This eye-catching sofa shape means you can put it in a more central position rather than against a wall.


Living room ideas - Treat yourself to a luxury rug

Persian rugs will never go out of style. They're luxurious and fit in practically any space - not to mention they will retain their value if looked after properly.



Tufted Caro Rug




If you're not a fan of traditional furnishings, there are plenty of modern takes on the Persian rug that look effortlessly stylish.


Living room ideas - Try out some floating shelves

Floating shelves mean you don't have to invest in a whole unit to display your favourite things. They're most suited to art prints, photo memories and smaller ornaments due to their thin structure.



Wood And Rattan Shelf

37 living room ideas that will instantly switch-up your style (11)



You could even throw out your old canvas and replace it with a more statement floating shelf. How cute does this one look?

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How can I update my room quickly? ›

10 ways to instantly makeover a room
  1. Choose some new window treatments. Tired curtains and blinds instantly let a room down. ...
  2. Add interest to your entranceway. ...
  3. Spruce up the bathroom. ...
  4. Update your cushions. ...
  5. Create a gallery wall. ...
  6. Choose the right lighting. ...
  7. Think about wallpaper. ...
  8. Add some greenery.

How can I make my living room look more modern? ›

Natural light and fresh air are essential components of a modern living room design as they make the space look bright and airy. Bring in adequate natural light and merge the outdoors with the indoors with large glass windows, French doors, sliding glass doors and glass walls with floor-to-ceiling glazing.

How can I update my room without buying anything? ›

Now it's time to put them to use.
  1. Rearrange your furniture. Nothing is so simple as rearranging furniture. ...
  2. Make use of those old paint cans. ...
  3. Put old fabric swatches to use. ...
  4. Freshen up the linens. ...
  5. Display your wares. ...
  6. Mirror, Mirror on the wall. ...
  7. Put your unused fireplace to good use. ...
  8. Pull the photo boxes out from under the bed.
13 Jun 2022

What makes a living room look elegant? ›

Add some lighting fixtures.

Adding a gorgeous pendant light to your living room or directly over your dining table will have a strong impact, even if you don't update anything else. If you want an easier way to add glam lighting and changing the look of your room, try a floor lamp or table lamps for a similar effect.

What Colours make a living room look bigger? ›

So, what colors make a room look bigger? For an optimum effect, go with soft tones like off-white, blues, and greens, and always remember that brighter rooms feel bigger and more inviting. And here's another hack: Try painting your wall trim and moldings in a lighter color than your walls.

How can I make my house look more attractive? ›

Moving your pillows from one room to another is also a way to update your home's look, Nielsen said. "Rearrange them on your sofa, swap in a pillow from another room, eliminate some pillows to create a sleeker space, or stack pillows on top of your bedding (preferably all white) for a crisp effect," she told Insider.

How do I make my room vibe? ›

14 Ways to Add Good Vibes to Your Bedroom Decor
  1. Soothing Scents: To really make it mellow, you want to be sure all your senses can get in on the action. ...
  2. A Bit of Nature: Plants bring a special kind of life into the room. ...
  3. Cute Candles: Little is more calming than candlelight, so don't just save 'em for special occasions.
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What makes interior look cheap? ›

Filling a room with matching flatpack; piles of clutter and disproportionate furniture are all factors that can make houses look cheap. Thankfully, they are easy to avoid and there are lots of other affordable alternatives that will help your scheme to shine.

How can I decorate my living room in 2022? ›

26 Modern Living Room Ideas That Will Make You Rethink Your Design Aesthetic
  1. Keep it Cozy. Eric Roth / Getty Images. ...
  2. Make it Sleek. Nathan Kirkman / Getty Images. ...
  3. Play with Wallpaper. Courtesy of York / Getty Images. ...
  4. Bring in Some Greenery. ...
  5. Utilize Mirrors. ...
  6. Bring in a White Sofa. ...
  7. Make a Statement. ...
  8. Incorporate Statement Fabrics.
31 Aug 2022

What colors make a house look elegant? ›

Traditionally, rooms that go for an elegant look are painted beige or light gray. Cozier rooms opt for darker shades, such as browns or grays leaning towards the darker side of the spectrum. Modern looks are more often than not made of brighter colors.

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Need help with inspiration for your elegant living room design? Here are 12 tips to easily decorate your living room and give it a more elegant look.
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How do you renovate one room at a time? ›

Here are some tips for remodeling one room at a time.
  1. Pick the first room to work on. If you are moving into a new home and want to remodel one room before you get in, pick the kitchen and/or bathroom. ...
  2. Do your planning. Planning exactly what you want in the room is another important step in remodeling. ...
  3. Go with the flow.

How do you make an old room feel new? ›

10 Ways to Make an Old Home Feel New
  1. Clean or Replace Carpets.
  2. Make it Cohesive.
  3. Update Outlets, Light Switches and Plates.
  4. Repair Walls.
  5. Add Light.
  6. Paint.
  7. Remove Dated Fixtures.
  8. New Doors.
3 Oct 2022

What order should I renovate my living room? ›

Generally, most renovations will follow this order of work:
  1. Strip out and removal.
  2. Structural work – floors, ceilings, walls.
  3. First fix work – plumbing, heating wiring.
  4. Plastering, flooring.
  5. Second fix work – plumbing, heating, wiring.
  6. Bathroom, kitchen fit-out.
  7. Decoration.
19 Aug 2021

What rooms should be remodel first? ›

If you need to choose which room to remodel first, you'll want to choose the room that will recoup the remodeling costs and create actual equity. This is why experts agree that choosing to remodel your kitchen or bathroom first is traditionally the smartest move.

What should you renovate first? ›

Renovate Your Kitchen First

Homeowners often want to know in what order they should renovate a house. It's best to start with the kitchen because these remodels add significant value to your home.

What makes a room look expensive? ›

Large-scale accessories like lamps, mirrors, and pieces of furniture are great, but small accessories can also do the trick. Antique boxes, sculptural wall sconces, or even antique picture frames can give your room a certain je ne sais quoi that makes it look like you spent more than you really did.

Is there an app that can help me decorate my room? ›

2. Roomstyler. Use this outstanding room design app to upload your own floor plan or play around with preloaded room layouts. The Roomstyler 3D Home Planner allows you to insert walls, doors, and windows and select from a gallery of interior finishes.

How do I modernize my home in 2022? ›

Easy Ways to Update Your House in 2022
  1. Upgrade Fixtures and Appliances. Many older homes still have brass or gold hardware. ...
  2. Refresh Walls, Flooring, and Countertops. Wallpaper is making a comeback. ...
  3. Design a consistent color scheme and flowy layout. ...
  4. Improve Interior Lighting.

How do I make my room vibe? ›

14 Ways to Add Good Vibes to Your Bedroom Decor
  1. Soothing Scents: To really make it mellow, you want to be sure all your senses can get in on the action. ...
  2. A Bit of Nature: Plants bring a special kind of life into the room. ...
  3. Cute Candles: Little is more calming than candlelight, so don't just save 'em for special occasions.
12 Nov 2016

How can I make my room look different without moving furniture? ›

Prepare to feel more at home in your own home!
  1. Put down peel-and-stick floor tiles. Good flooring can completely change the look of a space. ...
  2. Swap in a frame TV. It's a picture frame! ...
  3. Invest in organizing products. ...
  4. Add! ...
  5. Hang some wall art. ...
  6. Accessorize a surface. ...
  7. Display your favorite memories.
15 Mar 2022

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