Best Photo Paper for Printing in 2023 (2023)

Best Photo Paper for Printing in 2023 (1)

If you are looking for the best paper to print photos, this post is exactly what you need. My list includes only the best variants for those who buy photo paper for the first time or doubt which one to choose.

Top 11 Best Photo Papers

I have compiled the list of the best paper for printing photos considering experts’ evaluations and real customers’ reviews. There are many competitors on the world market, but I have chosen the best manufacturers and recommend paying attention to them.

1. Canon Photo Paper Plus Glossy

Size: 85x110 mm
Density: 210 g/m2
Resolution: 1200 dpi

The paper structure has microscopic pores that instantly let the ink go inside so that nothing remains on the surface. As a result, you get the instant drying of a shot and high resistance to fading. A glossy surface will securely protect images against sunlight influence and constant contact with the air.

  • Paper is suitable to use on various models of printers
  • In case of printing on the original equipment, it’s not necessary to adjust color profiles
  • High resistance to color fading
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2. Epson Photo Paper Glossy

Size: 85x110 mm
Density: 200 g/m2
Resolution: 1200 dpi

This high quality photo paper is created to print photographs at home and suitable for all inject Epson printers. Two polymer layers protect the paper from external influence. A microcellular coating provides color stabilization. Photographs may be kept in the album for 300 years without quality loss.

  • Glossy base protects ink from ultraviolet rays’ impact
  • Paper is not transparent
  • Suitable for inject and laser printers
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3. Lomond Photo Paper Glossy

Size: 117x83 mm
Density: 280 g/m2
Resolution: 2880 dpi

This photo paper is used to print images on HP, Epson, Canon, Lexmark and other printers by famous brands. Special flat surface perfectly absorbs the paint. That is why the pictures dry fast and don’t blur. The sheets feature high density. This high quality photo paper is also resistant to humidity and static electricity.

  • Colors do not fade under the influence of sunlight and other factors
  • Great contrast and detail of images
  • Adapted for water-resistant ink

4. HP Sprocket Photo Paper

Size: 50x70 mm
Density: 250 g/m2
Resolution: 313x400 dpi

Thanks to the adhesive surface on the other side of the image, it is possible to stick the photograph to the paper in the album or other hard surfaces. This paper is characterized by fast paint dry and resistance to the influence of sunlight. According to customers’ reviews, it is the best professional photo paper that is also suitable for semi-professional needs.

  • Resistant to water, tears and blur
  • Has an adhesive side
  • The paint does not run, dries fast and covers tightly
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5. HP Premium Plus Photo Paper Soft Gloss

Size: 85x110 mm
Density: 230 g/m2
Resolution: 1200 dpi

HP Premium belongs to high quality photo paper. This is a universal thick paper featuring glossy finish on the one side and a matte one ‒ on the other. It provides quicker drying. To get the pics of the top quality, it’s necessary to use only original inject HP cartridges and photo paper by Hewlett-Packard Company.

  • Optimized for HP pigment ink use
  • More than 200 years without fading if used indoors, up to 1 year in the shop window
  • Suitable for recycling within generally-available programs

6. Canon Photo Paper Plus Semi-Gloss

Size: 200x250 mm
Density: 260 g/m2
Resolution: 1200 dpi

Thanks to the soft paper texture, the image looks qualitative and bright. This paper is suitable for photo amateurs using DSLRs. Canon photo paper features a microporous coating that absorbs the ink fast and doesn’t leave the remains on the surface of the sheet.

  • Fast drying of the printed pictures
  • Longevity of images
  • Compatible with Canon Lucia ink

7. Epson Value Photo Paper Glossy

Size: 102x152 mm
Density: 183 g/m2
Resolution: 1200 dpi

Epson Value is the best paper to print photos if you are on a tight budget. The paper is also suitable for amateurs just trying their hands at photo printing. It is necessary to avoid humidity and unwanted sunlight. If you combine original ink, printer and Epson photo paper, you will get sharp and durable photos.

  • Suitable for printing on any printer model
  • Has a lightweight paper base
  • The paper demonstrates great detail and depicts skin tones adequately

8. Hammermill Premium Multipurpose Paper

Size: 85x110 mm
Density: 230 g/m2
Resolution: 1200 dpi

It is the best photo paper with a century-brand reputation produced in the USA. Hammermill has always been focused on constantly changing requirements to photo paper and provides top-notch quality that makes it even more special.

This photo paper is suitable for two-sided printing. If you want to print brochures, leaflets, notes or reports, you may confidently buy this paper.

9. Canon Matte Photo Paper Plus

Size: 85x110 mm
Density: 230 g/m2
Resolution: 1200 dpi

This is the best matte photo paper to print greeting cards and other small-scale polygraphy. An additional advantage of this paper is that it provides instant drying, gas and light resistance.

  • Suitable for two-sided printing not only of photos but also of other printed products
  • Absorbs ink and keeps it beneath the surface
  • Instant drying

10. Canon Luster Photo Paper Letter

Size: 85x110 mm
Density: 230 g/m2
Resolution: 1200 dpi

It the photo paper for professionals striving for bright color rendering achieved by appealing monochrome printing. Luster texture provides photo-laboratory images that may be created, for example, in your own apartment. The coating is resistant to fingerprints. This variant is suitable for portraits, wedding and artistic photographs.

  • Anti-reflective coating
  • Resistant to fingerprints
  • Protection against fading

11. Kirkland Signature Paper

Size: 85x110 mm
Density: 230 g/m2
Resolution: 1200 dpi

Kirkland Signature is photo paper featuring enough thickness and density to professionally print images at your own expense. Being relatively cheap, color rendering and brightness of this paper do not fall behind more expensive variants. This paper does not burst while bending. It should be also mentioned that watermarks are absent on the opposite side. You may use this photo paper on various gadgets.

  • Universal high quality photo paper for printing on various gadgets
  • No watermarks on the opposite side of the sheet
  • Suitable for printing on 3D printer

How to Choose the Best Photo Paper?

It is not easy to find the best paper to print photos. You should consider a great number of various aspects: density, coating type, compatibility with different ink types, etc. Read on and discover what to pay attention to while choosing photo paper.

1. Types of Photo Paper

Glossy photo paper. Glossy printing is in demand in the commercial sphere and private life. It is used for creating photographs, posters, advertising posters, billboards, photo calendars. Such paper is distinguished by its gloss. A glossy coating protects ink from fading/washing. Water-soluble ink is used to print on glossy paper. It dries fast, creates a durable and bright image on the surface.

Semi-gloss photo paper. It is universal and relatively cheap. Pictures appear to be qualitative and durable. The paper features gloss, but it is not as distinct as the one glossy paper has. The material is more durable than the gloss.

Supper glossy photo paper. This type is glossier and more expensive in comparison with glossy paper. The pictures are very colorful. This material is used in commercial printing when high quality photo paper should comply with the product status.

Silk matte photo paper. It is an intermediary between matte and glossy photo paper. If we compare it with the first paper form this table, it renders shades better. It does not flare in comparison with the second one. Moreover, no fingerprints are left.

Matte photo paper. It is a universal printing material. The images are detailed and contrasting. In comparison with glossy paper, matte one is worse when it comes to shade rendering. Such paper is optimal to print pictures with a high detail level.

Satin photo paper. Such paper has a semi-glossy surface with a soft luster. It is an optimal variant for a home photo laboratory. The photos are qualitative and rather cheap ‒ it is less expensive to print on satin paper than on glossy one.

2. Compatibility with Your Printer

Compatibility. Mind that when choosing photo paper, it’s very important to consider the photo printer for photographers you are going to work with. You should take into account the compatibility of paper with the equipment available. It’s better to use original photo paper, the one the manufacturer recommends.

Price difference. The other side of the issue ‒ high quality photo paper recommended by the manufacturer is more expensive. You may save your money by buying the paper in bulk, including in rolls (you may create panoramas). It’s more attractive, but small photo shops and home mini-studios can’t always afford such big purchases. Moreover, equipment for roll printing is quite rare.

Budget option. Another option to save your budget is to buy paper by third-party manufacturers. It is cheaper but it may not provide the desired color rendering. Problems with picture durability might occur. The best photo paper is produced by such companies as Lomond, Kodak, Konica Minolta, Avery Zweckform and Fullmark.

3. Size and Density

Standard size. Photo paper formats are standardized. The most popular ones are А6 (10 х 15 cm), А5 (14.8 х 21 cm), А4 (21 х 29.7 cm). Manufacturers also produce materials of non-standard sizes, but they are in less demand. Around 80% of photo products are printed in A6 and A5 formats.

Density. Also, photo paper is classified according to density. The higher the indicator, the easier it is to get a qualitative print. Remember to keep things in the middle ‒ too dense material creates an overload on the moving mechanism of an all-in-one photo printer, boosting its wear.

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